Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
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2001-07-10 20:30:54 (UTC)

Mission Homecoming Date

So my friends and i are on a mission. Mission Homecoming
Date. Homecoming is September 29th. Yea i have a while, but
i really want a date this year. Last year (my junior year)
was the FIRST year i didnt have one. But this year is my
last homecoming of my highschool life. Anyhoo, we are all
on a mission to get a date for homecoming. Lisa, of course,
has 2 in mind...which she will most likely have one or the
other. I have one in mind, but its the same person as my
one friend, beth, does. God, why does she always seem to
like the same guys i do? I dont get it. And the fact that
she never really cares what i think, bothers the hell out
of me. Oh well...screw that, that wont stop me. Ha! Anyhoo,
i have my eye on this one guy, Matt. Matt is one of my good
friends, and we once dated...oh way back in freshman year.
Thats when i was stupid, and a little whore. (not really, i
just dated guys for 1 month, then dump them for a new one).
But anyways, I have such a major crush on him. He's so
sweet, good looking, soo funny, and really smart. I really
do like him, sincerely. I'm not like i was when i was a
freshman, i've changed a lot. But he came over the night
before i left for OU and it was like by suprise. It was me,
my friend renita and lisa. then we saw a car and i waved it
down, it ended up being Matt B. (the one i like) and Matt
M. I was so giddy and happy. I had the biggest smile on my
face. We were all in my back yard having a great time by
the fire and jumping on the trampoline, laughing and
talking about...band. He always complains to others (and
me) that girls never hit on him, and girls dont like him. I
dont understand is what he says. I dont understand what
HE's talking about, girls adore him. Well, i know I do. For
a fact i do. when he left im said good bye and i'll see you
in 5 weeks. he's like ...oh thats right youre leaving!!
well then its a good reason we came by, eh? Then he gave me
this big hug. Oh god, i cherish that one hug. that night i
cherish. I wish it would happen again. I will be seeing him
a lot and spending a lot of time with him becuase he is our
new Drum Major for band, and i am the vice president. Maybe
by spending this time with him will make things a little
closer, or maybe too close where we're just friends. God, i
wish i could say something to him without ruining what we
have now and making things akward. Ya know? I like him, but
i just dont know how to tell him, or bring it up...or even
if i should. If any of you have advice for me about it,
tell me please! Id love to hear what anybody's got to say.
I could use all the help i can get. I really like him and i
so lost!!