good times, good times
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2001-07-10 20:16:13 (UTC)

grant went off. he told me matt..

grant went off. he told me matt was a stuck up self centered
prick. he also told me that he couldn't see why so many
smart girls with exception of brenna (cuz she's kinda dumb)
fall head over heels with him. (by the way he's supposedly
not hooking up with brenna either=source of more pissation
because i dont know what the truth is and either way it
makes me mad) grant said that its just his sweet funny
outer shell that we fall for but if we knew him like he did
we wouldn't want any of that. so i guess that was kind of a
news flash for me. i always thought he and matt were
friends. like good friends. i already knew he was a prick
and all, but hearing it from a close friend of his makes it
seem more real. so im gonna try to not focus so much on him.
apparently it's not good for me.

p.s. while i'm not focusing on matt, i'm gonna be staring at
the hot guy, lance that sits next ot me in my music app.
class. wow.

p.s.s. i got two new shirts at value village. i have never
gone to a thrift shop before. i guess i led a sheltered life
in the little hell hole i came from. they were 79 cents a
piece. sweet!

p.s.s.s. another one of my poems is on how cool is