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2002-08-10 05:00:05 (UTC)

Nick 2

School is back and so is nick. You know he talked to me
today and i didnt say anything to him. Thats right he
talked to me NOT the other way around. Im too afraid. Me
and him have alot in common. sorta like me and marquis
People said me and him made a good couple they said that
with me and david and i didnt even freakin know him
so ..... how was that supposed to work... Uh it wasnt. WHAt
do i look good with every black guy on this planet. I bet
so . I dont kare about every black guy on this planet. I
kare about my friends marquis, david, nick ,
brenna,lindsay,arianna,and erica. Forget the rest of them
Oh and aaron cant forget aaron. Uh ... Did i neglect to
tell you how hott funny and sweet nick is. He's a little
weird at times but then who am i to jugde. Im'a call him

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