In Shaddy's Shadow
2001-07-10 19:24:03 (UTC)

The Fallin' Out

Me & Vinnie are OVER!..I don't know if you're over in his eyes but
in mine...I can't deal anymore!..well as you know I went shoppin for
him for his Birthday..I called him that night cuz I wanted to see him
and give him his gift.. but he wasn't home well anywayz i stayed in
that night. well anywayz i called him the other night as I'm starting
to talk to him I get a *beep* it was my girl Rachel on the other line
I'm like "Ray, let me call ya back I finally got Vinnie on the phone
I wanna talk to him" she like ok, it wasn't even a min. and i click
back over and he hung up, i called back and his nigga Stook is
like "yo he just left" i'm like "whatever", so he tried to yell at me
talkin about "oh you don't believe me" i was like "whatever" he goes
i'll have him call you back when he gets home" i said "nah ya know
what tell him DON'T call me back when he gets home, Don't call me at
all" he was like "word" i was like "WORD" he goes "ok" & i hung up..
so i really hope he told him. i put up with soo much of his shit i'm
sick of it. when we started going out we'd be on the phone 24/7 i'd
alwayz know where he was at, I went to Boston for Spring Break, if i
didn't call him every day then he would be mad as shit & we'd miss
each other like crazy, but lately we been going days without talkin i
don't know wassup so i just was like Fuck it and ended it! i can't
put up with that shit forreal!.me and My Rachel went to Kevin's crib
yesterday we chilled there all day..then Kevin left with his dad
around 6 to go look at a car they might be gettin' well what does
kevin do but leave me there with his sister well anywayz me and
rachel finally left there at around 9..and that's went kevin came
home i was soo madd cuz i wanted to chill with i was about to
walk back there Rachel's lazy ass didn't wanna soo she started
bitchin at me...i was like well next time don't come over Kevin's
crib with me cuz all you do is bitch...we got into a big ass fight
and she left my house and didn't come back she came back this mornin
at like 12. well fuck it but anywayz i got on the phone with
my girl Kendra, her and my brother been together for more then a year
and they just broke up, they been kinda fightin' lately too. i don't
know why everyones brakin up now? Oh well..I was talkin to her friend
(not Boyfriend) Jason, we were on the phone for like a straight i get online and Kendra's lil Brother "D" is online and
he's like "can i give Jason your phone number, he wants it he tried
to ask you for it but you hung up" i was like "why" he goes " he
thinks your a cool shit" i was like "LOL, OK" D goes "Oh he'll be
Happy!"...What is that all about, this guy is like 20yrs old!
LOL...but whatever!

well seeing i'm not gonna see or talk to V today (or ever again)
seeing it's his Birthday day
°*¤ .¸¸.·`¨´°*¤Happy Birthday V-Nelly°*¤ .¸¸.·`¨´°*¤*
Just soo he can't say I didn't wish him a Happy Birthday!