Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
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2001-07-10 19:12:36 (UTC)

Never ride on the hump of a camel.

My best friend and I have to be the FUNNEST people ever.
yes...funnest. hehe. I definetly take after my mother in
the "kid department". But hey, people like me cuz im me,
and im fun. So there:Þ~ Anyhoo, before i left for OU, my
best friend and I went to the Zoo. let me tell you now that
i am a zoo freak. I plan on working at one when im older,
who cares that it pays kinda shitty, but to work with
animals has been my dream and goal since i was a teeny
child. Mom always said i had a special gift with animals.
Anyhoo...back to the kid in me. OK, so we went to the
zoo...and i had just got paid, so i had me some dinero...i
was treating that day...just cuz im such a great girl! SOO
we were walking around and went into the "Australian
Adventure". We travled along...while her little cousins
went to the big tree. We went over by the camels. They have
Camel rides at our zoo...how cool is that?! So i look at
lis and go..."So, i think we should go on a camel
ride...how bout you?" She laughed and was like...hell yea!
So i paid the rude lady at the tiny window, and she handed
me our little tickets. $6 for two people to hop on a camel
and go around in a circle. Mind you that we are 17...and
the age range of the riders tend to be 3-10 years old. But
damnit, we had fun. We laughed...we cried (not really)...it
was an experience to remember. However, I had to ride on
the damn HUMP. Yea...woo, that was...um...extremely
uncomfortable might i say. We had to be the oldest there
(of course we were), everyone was staring at us...but you
know what...that ride in that tiny circle was fun. Not many
people can say " I rode a Camel". But I can. HA!

**silly lizzie**

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