Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-10 18:46:15 (UTC)

What is today???

Well here I am ... once again. Sitting here. Wondering. Hmm
maybe I should stop wondering. Hmm o well. What is
today ......... **walking away to look at the paper**. Okay
I thought that was stupid haha. Hmm it is the tenth. The
tenth? O HEY ... Chris and I have been together 6 months
now. NO! I did not forget. I just forgot what day today
was. I thought it was the ninth or something like that. I
didnt think the tenth would sneak up on me like that.
Hehehe. Well yesterday was ummm yea. Hahaha. I went to pick
up Daria and Chris after summer school and then Daria came
back to my house and we were squirting each other with the
water hose. You kno it was really hot but when we started to
play with water the wind just HAS to blow doesnt it. So we
were outside for like 20 minutes. Hahaha but it was fun
anyway. Then we went inside and watched some TV. Yea. I saw
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon twice in one night. Haha. I
like the fighting sequences but I dont like the graphics so
much. Flying over roof tops and the entire tree thing wasnt
so interesting. If they were birds then it would be a
different story. But I had to play it again cus the first
time I saw it I kept getting phone calls and I was missing
parts. O well. At least now I can say that I saw it. I cant
say anything interesting happened yesterday though. Today
might be interesting. I said it might. Well I am goin to go
pick up Daria and Chris again. Not that I have to but it
gives me a reason to get out. And I dont have a problem
with it either. Then I was thinking about treating Chris to
like Red Lobster or something but you see I am ummmm ...
what you say .... BROKE. So I bumped that for now. Maybe
this weekend I will treat him. Yea. Then I have to go pick
up this hat that he really likes. Other then that I really
dont kno what is goin to happen today. ((You kno what
TIMMY .... haha .... this is a good way to keep you updated
since you are sooo far away)) Okay now I feel stupid. DUH!
Hahaha .... that is okay though. I feel stupid all the
time. WOW! I can't believe I have been with Chris this
long ... what a LOSER ... NO! I am kidding haha. I am sorry
hehehe. I LOVE YOU! :oD Hehehe. I have to admit though I
had no idea how fast time flies. I knew it went by fast but
it just seemed like it went by tooo fast. Hmmmm ........
well ............. yea