Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-10 18:45:23 (UTC)

Perfect Man...

I am attending Ohio University for the summer. I have been
here since June 16th. its a 5 week program, where i take a
class or classes. I have joined the wonderful world of
Anthropology. Anyhoo...the rec center here is incredibly
awesome!! I go and workout there almost every day. I run,
leg weights, lift, arm curls..yadda yadda. Well I not only
go for the workout, but oh...oh...the guys!!! The guys are
perfect, im so in heaven there! theres this one guy...
The Perfect Man: Tall, Atheletic, Brown hair with blonde
in it, Green Eyes. Yes sir...those leg muscles are great.

Oh HE is so beautiful! I saw him one day when i was walking
to the center. He was walking behind me, and went into the
same place as i was. I went to one of the tredmills and he
went to one like right in front of me. OH GEEZE!!! I
started off walking and then he was running, so i thought
that i should run. I had a reason to. Im such a nerd, i was
like.."ok youre running and not stopping...youre running to
catch him" haha...god im a loser. But hey...it kept me
running, for 15mins straight. Needless to say, i never
caught him, and i was dripping in sweat, smelling like a
fat dirty whore. SO, every day i see him there, run like no
other, and i just never seem to catch him. Sometimes i see
him at the dining hall too. But i cant run there...i might
drop my tray and look silly. haha.
So, he's one of the main reasons i get myself to go
there! Who knows if i'll ever speak to him in the next 8
days im still here, but we'll see. Maybe i'll bump into him
at the dining hall, or accidentally run next to
him...stirring up conversation. But...thats that. I think
i'll marry him. But shh...dont tell...he doesnt know this