Diary of Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
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2001-07-10 18:15:49 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I'm really really worried about Alexi. Today I was
online with some friends, and I went to Alexi's homepage.
On her homepage, there were like 4 different poems for the
guests to read, and so I read them with Tina, Kaitlin, and
Kevin. But, the poems were all suicidial notes about
killing herself. Alexi has done things to hurt herself
before, but I never thoguht she would go public about all
the shit she's been through. I thought it was ok when she
told me she was Bi, but then when she started cutting
herself and getting caught doing a lot of stuff by her dad,
I started to worry about her. For awhile I couldnt talk to
her...or I'd burst out crying, and so for weeks we didn't
talk, but then I realized she needed me to be her friend.
So, now were talking again, but I am really upset and
worried. I cant believe she isnt embarrassed. I'm
embarrassed for her. I think she needs some serious
therapy and help, but I dont wanna rat her out or tell
anyone. What should I do? Right now, I dont know. I'll
have to think about it. But until I find out an answer,
I'll just have to hope that she doesnt do anything
crazy...she just has so much going on right now. But still,
that is no excuse to be acting this way. I think she is
going insane. I feel like crying, but I cant because I
have 3 people looking over my shoulder right now helping me
write this. I'm at my friend's house, but I just had to
write because I need to get this out right now. Until next
time, Diary...See Ya.