lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-08-10 02:08:11 (UTC)

hey there ms. sadpants...

hahaha....ok so the last entry was my unleashing of lots
of lots of things. and here's my unleashing of funny
funny stuff & why i love life...

being on the lake was so tight...we had waverunners
twice & meghan and i almost died. and brittany and i
hunted for guys. and mal and i sang worship songs
when i finally hit 43 on the slow retard one. i got
burned/tan which is always a treat. we only saw angie
for a little bit on monday, but still...and i didn't talk to
steven at all. WHATEVERRRRRR...i'll be ok. no really, i
will. now i for realsies even more want to work at the
marina. the cute punk guy was there again & said hi to
us while we were eating ice cream and my towel was
falling was kinda a gross moment.

and our cabin was pretty cool, too. brian made it smell
bad & we discovered a dead bird on the deck, but other
than that, it was rad. we watched wayne's world, dumb
& dumber, drop dead gorgeous, zoolander,
tumbleweeds, grumpy old men, meet the parents, and
behind enemy lines (i think that was it...right? the owen
wilson one?) and the price is right...and don't forget
"SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!" and "easy, traapper john!" on
SNL. plus we did our EG meeting (despite how dumb
the workbook is)...and we all slept everywhere possible
& brittany ate more food than the rest of us combined.
no, just kidding. but every five minutes..."is anyone else
hungry??" it was groovy. other weird weird things
happened...seductive charlie & the chocolate factory
dances...parachuting hannah...settlers w/ meghan &
brian (need i say more?) we are weird & a half.

yeah yeah well we had fun i think. i wish marisa &
annie could have come, but maybe in light of recent
events God was working that out waaaaay in advance.
i dunno. but i'm tired.

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