Life's A Boat, Be A Good Sailor
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2002-08-10 02:05:46 (UTC)


OMG! If I knew the pressures of being a teenage girl were
this high I would have tried to hold it off as long as
possible. It seems every time I try to commit myself to
something the pressure of everyone else gets to me. And
they seem to be there just to get on my nerves. Like this
summer reading I have got to get done before school starts!
The more I try to get it done the more everyone is either
nagging me to get it done, or bothering me so I can't. Its
all so hard and confusing. Whoever said life was easy and a
blast obviously was extremely rich and could fly through
life. Right now I think I could use a few bills to keep me
in order, but I'll deal with I've got and tough it out. I
can do it!

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