Connilee's Life Journal
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2002-08-10 02:00:10 (UTC)

Good Advise

FRIEND(5:08:26 PM): Another little piece if advice.. if
this guy has a real nice car.. do NOT talk about it.. and
whatever you do do NOT go all goo goo over it.
FRIEND(5:08:50 PM): When women are like that to me I am
like.. here.. here are the keys.. go fuck my car. See ya!

FRIEND(5:09:50 PM): In fact if the suibject ever comes up
about cars and I am just getting to know someone I ALWAYS
tell them I have a Volkswagen. Never mention the Porsche
or Z. And what pisses the hell out of me is when friggin
morons come up and are like.. Gey "friend"..can you drive
the Porsche tonight? I am like.. you fucking idiot!

FRIEND(5:10:08 PM): I mean Hey "friend".. Hot
Gey "friend".. ha ha ha

Connilee (5:11:06 PM): ha ha ha ha
Connilee (5:11:09 PM): thats good
Connilee (5:11:19 PM): my ex drove a porshe.. thats what he
was all about
Connilee (5:11:20 PM): what he had
Connilee (5:11:31 PM): his porsche, big screen tv,
pricey dog...

FRIEND(5:12:06 PM): YEah well that's another thing to look
for.. if someone TALKS about their shit al the time then
they are an insecure superfical loser who WILL judge you on
what you have or don't have and WILL think they are better
than you are.
FRIEND (5:12:08 PM): ;-)

Connilee(5:12:30 PM): yaeh... maybe i get that insecuirty
from him as well

FRIEND (5:12:37 PM): Yep

Connilee(5:12:43 PM): bastard

FRIEND (5:12:48 PM): It reinforces what insecurities you
already have..
FRIEND (5:12:50 PM): Duh

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