lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-08-10 01:58:00 (UTC)

are you english or retarded?

ahh well we watched the top 5 movies this
some SNLs so i've got great quotes in my head. but i
am just having this massive sniffling retard fit over all
these things that are beating down my brain:

*i don't wanna go on the trip to SF. i really really
extremely just want to stay home & work & go to
practices. i'll do the stinking workbook, but i don't want
to go to san fran and do stuff.

*i'm sick of being asked my opinion on the
"relationship" "scandal"...everyone has some valid
points, but my personal opinion doesn't matter. i really
hope ya'll can sit & talk it out & figure out why everyone's
taking crazy pills. good luck :-)

*i want to go to cam high...grr. like pretty badly. but i
have a few things to look forward to at oaks. i just wish
i'd never made the switch.

*certain people continue to write certain things about
their feelings toward me & i honestly have to say it
probably does more harm than help. i don't really have
a huge-mongous crush on any certain guy right now,
but there are certain people who will always better suit
me as friends, especially considering some
conversations we've had & things we know about each
other. i think you know who you are & why i'm saying

*today on the way home from marisa's, i came up to a
stop sign and noticed a truck coming from the left...i
looked over & noticed it was mr. prewitt. he gave me
this sad look, and i just felt so bad for being a teenage
girl in a car at a stop sign at that very moment. and he
kind of smiled then, as if to thank me for paying
attention while i was driving, but it was just such a
freaking emotional moment that i seriously started
crying on mission oaks.