Reality Bites
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2002-08-10 01:38:40 (UTC)

Hot in here

I have heat stroke. I had cheerleading all day and on the
way home I almost passed out on the freeway-like no joke. I
got home and then passed out and hit the horn and then i
came to and took like an hour shower and i still dont feel

A talked to a good friend of mine last night, Tim, who I
used to be like hella close with but then we drifted cause
well I broke up with his best friend and it was awkward and
plus hes 3 years older-and not into the best of things so
it was hard to hang out with him w/out a car to get myself
their. Anyways i went into his work the other day and saw
him and since then he's been calling me. He's really hot
and stuff but we've always just been friends. Last night he
out of the blue asked me out which was SOOO wierd, but
whatever. I said no. What is wrong with me!? He's hot! He's
in college! He's great to me! Why did I say no? I have no
clue...I am a dumbass.

I talked to Luke last night after Tim. Wow, he is
confusing. But whatever. I so yelled at him, go me. He told
me he loves me. But he said it like he's never said it
before and boy did that scare the shit out of me. It
sounded like he felt it you know. Thats like the best way I
can describe it-it was like he lived it...wierd.

I lost like 5 pounds in 2 days on my water-diet coke diet,
but that could account for part of me being sick... I gtg

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