2002-08-10 01:37:33 (UTC)


Listen, I'm 14 years old, and today I was at the
supermarket with my dad, and he was saying to my mom that
these two biker dudes were looking at me. Which really is
freaking me out. My parents won't let me where TANKTOP out
of the house, I wished I lived in New york, then they
wouldn't be this paranoid, because i wouldn't draw
attention to anyone. So what should I do, should I move in
to my room and hide. Personally, they were problay drunk or
stoned or something, I'm not that pretty. I'm never going
to a store a lone that's for sure. only with someone else.
Now I might not even feel safe with my girl friend,
espically cuz my friend's here have no sterrt smarts what
so ever. better go places with Howie and Phil, they will
beat the atteckers or at least try to help me.plus if I'm
with 2 15 year old boys, who are 6'0 115 and 5'11 and 200
lbs. they will leave me alone I HOPE! but I would feel
safer in the city, because then there would be less
attention, plus I walk down steerts with my head held high
and stuff, like I know what I'm doing. Love, Abbys

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