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2001-07-10 17:28:54 (UTC)

everybody wants to flick my bead

mmmmmm. this is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

easier than a webpage, i guess, and something to show the
kids, shortly before i drown them, then cruelly laugh as
the die: :"i only spawned you to gain approval for my silly
online diary thing". ooooh, i so bad and metal.

the best thing ever, of course, is that no one knows who i
am. so i could write "fuck me, thinking about that mango i
shoved up myself last night is making me go all quivery"
and you'd probably
think: "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww".....but you
wouldn't be thinking it about *me*'d probably just be
picturing the state of the mango after i'd finished with
it. maybe i would also say "hey, ben is a bit of a sexually
frustrated/challenged acne lovin' scumball", but all you'd
think is - "woah, hope i never meet ben."

the possibilities are endless, i tell you. of course, the
only reason you're reading this is probably because i sent
you here to make sure all the typing i'd done wasn't in
vain. ho hum. you're a good friend, i appreciate it. but
maybe i wont send you here, after all, i nwhich case i'm
writing to no one. oooooooh. deep.

which means that, ultimately, i may or may not be writing
to someone, who may or may not know me. so basically, in
order to project myself in a socially acceptable way, i
need to address you, the beloved reader, as if we were
meeting for the first time, just in case i *need* for you
to have a good perception of me - that i am a friendly,
well balanced healthy girl and i love everyone, no matter
how ugly, fat, stupid or smelly they are.

bollocks. wish i'd never signed up for this now.

i spose i'd better write something worthy of a private
diary, too. ummm. uuhhhh. ermmmmmm. ok, how's this:

i'm going to have sex tonight, but because i'm on it'll
probably be anal sex as my boyfriend doesn't like his dick
being covered in smelly blood.

too much information? splendid. it'll teach you to not be
so nosy (unless i sent you here).

oh, the confusion.

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