Diary of a Romantic
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2001-07-10 17:12:07 (UTC)


I got mail back and what I got is strong for me, I got, I
got the love of two girls, but both girls don't understand
me. Sometimes I don't understand myself my thoughts are

Love is nothing but the way to the love is beautiful and

What I'm doing here is the main question in my life. I got
a numeration from the INET about myself.

I'll leave the day with this. It is exhausting for me.

Have a nice evening!


Your primary purpose as an essential 9 is to learn to
accept the higher wisdom within yourself and to use that
power to provide inspiration for those you work with. You
have come into this lifetime with a strong urgency to lead
and be of service to others. You will especially be drawn
to teaching others and to allowing them to work with
you as you attempt to live up to your high ideals and
standards that are part of your humanitarian nature.

As you grow and learn you will eventually come to trust in
your profound awareness and intuition: one that seems to be
committed to a divine service. It is powerful and
so you must listen to it. It will mean even more to you
after you have come to trust in yourself with security and

Realize that you were chosen for this life to be a teacher
of wisdom; knowledge you seek will come to you magically.
As you follow your path with intent you must learn
to be tolerant, accepting, and empathetic with many who
will come to you seeking knowledge. Many people may be
drawn to you because of your strong intellectual and
intuitive skills and understanding of others. Learn to be
an example for them and they will respect and admire you
for the actions of truth, and love that you exhibit.

In your most positive aspects you are a true humanitarian
who is filled with love and compassion, empathy and
understanding for everyone. You are also aware of your
own deep intuitive understanding, strength and power for
connecting you to the Earth, yourself and to a higher
power. You are a visionary and you bring your dreams into
reality by letting your compassion, personal integrity and
wisdom flow through you as you follow your path of service
to others.

Your strong sense of service and desire to lead others
suits you best in fields such as doctor, counselor or
personal/financial advisor. You also work well in charitable
organizations or as a volunteer coordinator. As you
progress to the deepest wisdom available you will share and
inspire progress in others through your examples. You
learn to search for wisdom and knowledge through the divine

You have learned to find your own ideals within yourself,
and the sense of integrity and inspiration that you provide
for others leads you to fulfillment. You have come to
accept everyone's place in this world and the penetrating
higher ideals that you seek will allow you to make a
difference for others. You will most likely lead or teach
others, but if you do not, you will let your life serve as
an example for all.