All my thoughts, crazy they may be...
2001-07-10 16:57:44 (UTC)

This isn't Kansas anymore, toto!

A very close, special friend of mine(she is more like a
sister to me) is moving to Kansas soon. Whenever I think of
it something strange happens. Although, I am very sad that
she is leaving, I feel as if we just got really close and
now she will be miles away. You see the strange thing is
that whenever we discuss it or I think about it I start
reciting the entire movie of "The Wizard of Oz". And I mean
the entire movie... Brrrr! Scary huh? I think the scary
part is that I know it all.

Now the reason this is strange to me, is because as I
am reciting the entire movie, I am changing my voice to
sound as similar to the characters in the movie as I can
get my voice to be. Right down to singing in the munchkin
voices. Sometimes I do this outloud and other times I do
it to myself. And what is beginning to scary me, is that
when I look at my friend or talk to her, I see Dorothy
surrounded by munchkins singing "Follow the Yellow Brick
Road".... Now, see I haven't spoken to her today nor have
I seen her, just even talking about it I have the vision
and the song in my head... As some read this my only wish
is that you too, get the damn song stuck in your head. This
way you will know what I am talking about. I am hoping it
leaves my head soon, for you see I am at work, in which I
answer a phone all day, I would really hate to accidently
answer the phone in a munchkin voice. Do you know how bad
that would be to answer the phones of a law office in the
munchkin voice. Hmmmm! maybe that would actually be
funny... Somehow I don't think the attorneys would think so.

Now, the question is; Should I be worried about this
behavior and response to her moving? Or is this just a way
of dealing with her leaving, as strange as it may be?
Hmmm? Should I seek help, or just drink some Mead to kill
off those damn munchkin voices? I fear it may take a quite
bit of Mead...for that job...I have heard the phrase "I do
what my rice krispies says to do" but the Munchkins....

Do you all think I am strange now? I am a little out
of my mind, sometimes...Sometimes I am downright goofy,
silly you might say. But all in all I am just a good
friend who will miss someone very special to her. And I
hope she knows that.

P.S. She will moving in with other friends of ours,
and to prove how much she is loved and going to be missed,
we are having a Custody Battle...we are trying to work out
all the visitation details now... :-)