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~*~ DeLiRiuM ~*~
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2001-07-10 16:27:03 (UTC)

Introduction to My World

"I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane, more than
some pretty face beside a train, and it's not easy to be
me."-Five For Fighting 'Superman'

Natalie: A seven letter word coming from the late Latin
language meaning "Christmas Child".

Christmas, Bah Humbug! Christmas nowadays means GET GET
GET! Whatever happened to the spirit?? My favorite
activity is plopping in front of the TV, tuning into CBS,
and watching "Frosty, The Snowman".

Kinda hard to imagine that I am 21 years old and in two
months, I will be getting married. Wow! It hasn't hit me
yet but it will.

My favorite characters:
1. Death (Neil Gaiman character)
2. Delirium (Neil Gaiman character)
3. Mara Jade (Star Wars character)
4. Leia Organa-Solo (Star Wars character)
5. C-3PO (Star Wars character)

If you can't see it, I love heroines in stories the most.
Death is the all time awesomest. I have created poetry
devoted to her.

My favorite music genre:
1. Alternative Rock
2. Metal
3. Classic Rock
4. Pop
5. Rap

My favorite music artists/groups:
1. Madonna
2. Billy Joel
3. Meat Loaf
4. Jim Steinman
5. Tori Amos

Like Death
A Poem Dedicated to Neil Gaiman

I wanna be like Death;
I wanna walk around
And not have a care in the world.

I wanna be like Death;
I wanna dress all in black
And have an ankh around my neck.

I wanna be like Death;
I wanna have funky cool hair
And keep it spiked just like her.

I wanna be like Death;
I wanna know many people
And offer everyone ice cream.

I wanna be like Death;
I wanna have her power
And have everyone love me.

I think the one thing people can't stand about me is that I
do what I want when I want to. If I want to get drunk, I
am gonna get drunk. If I am gonna dye my hair green, I
will dye my hair green. No permission asked. The thing
that is my flaw. I can't make decisions. For example,
right now, if you asked me to either a. stay home or b. go
clubbing. I wouldn't be able to tell you. I always have
to ask what others think. The list PROS and CONS. I think
it's like an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Before you ask me, YES I AM WEIRD!

My web page:
It has my poems on it along with other stuff.

I write. I love to write
I read. I love to read.
I sing. I love to sing but I suck at it.

"You can all sleep sound tonight, I'm not crazy...or
anything."--Five For Fighting 'Superman'

~*~ Natalie ~*~

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