2002-08-09 23:10:39 (UTC)

My childish teacher can't fail me on my opinion...

Today was the last day of summer school. Just 1 hour per
class for the final. So as usual I woke up with hope. Much
to my surprise, it all got flushed away by a simple phone
call from my English teacher. She wanted to talk to my
parents about my opinianated journal entry. She was quite
mean on her commentaries. I have over a 100% in my class
not counting the final ofcourse. She wants to fail me
because I expressed my opinion in my journal and turned it
in. First off I'll tell you not exaggerated facts of how
the class goes on a daily basis and several actual facts
that did occur. Then I'll let you read some of my poems she
took to the heart, and the thing that started it all, my
entry. Followed by her actual comments. You be the judge.

For 4 weeks I've felt like the silent chick that just sits
there and does what she's suppose to do. I sit in class pay
attention, don't talk to anyone, do my homework, and A's
all my quizes and tests.

So 7:45 Class starts. We take attendance, and write about a
topic the teacher gives us. Atleast 1 paragraph. Five
sentences minimum. This is 20 points in our notebook check
that occurs on the end of the week. About 8:00 we finish.
We then do the main work. This is the time when we do most
of our learning. The first week or more we did book work,
from our text book. After that we filled our time with
movies, and every once in a while later, the reading of the
assigned book. (Robert Cormier's, The Chocolate War.) At
9:15 we have a 10 minute break, and then 5 minutes to get
back to class. At first after that we started doing
creative writing which was worth 25 points, (and I liked
this part of class.) After we'd write them, we would often
read ours. Not many people volunteered for it. The usuals
were this chick, this dude, sometimes this other dude, and
me. Later within the weeks, we started watching movies,
mainly, and doing some reading in class. (The reading in
class was only a day or two though.)
Our usuals were: quizzes (10pts. each quiz) 10 vocab words
each quiz. Two a week. Every Wed. and Fri.
Collection of notebooks is every Friday.
(I forget what else)

Now what has occured that brought me to my opinion:

The class is rude, and irrisponcible.
This is because they keep pretending that they didn't get
the vocab words (which you can learn in about 10 min.) and
the teacher buys it so she sometimes gives them an extra
day or another hour to get the words and the defenitions.
(My opinion, their either liying their asses off, or they
really don't pay attention.)
The teacher is childish.
Once when we were writing a journal entry, (we try to do
this in quietness) this guy hushed another dude that was
talking. The teacher took offense in this and said it's
impolite. (In my opinion, it was rude for the kid to
interrupt him.)
The kids are lazy.
They keep wanting to watch movies. I don't know about them,
but I wanted to learn something. Not watch movies that have
nothing to do with what were studying, just to waste time.
(One of which was the biography of Al Capone. I'm not into
gangsters and would not like to learn anything about him. I
had to read through that flick.)
That's all I could think of now. My mind is clogged and I
can't think straight. Besides I don't want to write too

Here's what I wrote: (word for word)

"The most difficult thing I ever had to do

I don't do difficult things. If I ever did I either
forgot about them or their too personal. So I'm gonna write
about something remotely hard that happens to be current.
Being in this class is quite hard. The class is so
simple that a chimp could A's it. The hard part is
pretending to stay interested, pretend to care, and writing
about "Yes" and "No" questions with an addition of "Why do
you think that? Explain." to it. (Topics made for 3rd
graders to think of, just to get them to write anything.)
Six movies in 4 weeks, points easily being scored,
much extra credit and about 15 min. out of almost three
hours of class that are made of actual use. Not to mention
books to be borrowed only to be not used, just to be lugged
to class, and a depressing book about boys that jagging
off. The hardest thing to do in class is to not space out.
Also to pass the pointless time in class. What a waste.
Never again will I fail a class. I don't want to waste
any more of my time in such a class."

Her direct responce was:

"You are an insulting person. You haven't a clue what has
been happening in class."

(This is kinda interesting. She thinks I don't have a clue
what has been happening in class when I'm scoring above a
100% in class)

Overall she wrote this: (she makes a grammar mistake here,
so it's not a typo, just kinda funny cause she's an English

"The journal questions were taken from the National Louis
University Center for the Gift recommended list for
challenging students. The school recommended the book. And
you're right if nothing else you shouldn't fail any class -
so you learned that. I tried very hard to encourage you.
I'm feel sorry that you are so hateful. So go ahead - put a
curse on me - and I'll shoot you down with love, positive
thoughts and goodness."

Here are several comments I have on that. First off, she
sais go ahead put a curse on me because a previous entry
was about religion and I wrote how I converted to wicca. I
clearly explained that we're not evil and we wouldn't do
evil, but I guess she didn't cut that through to her thick
skull covered with ignorence. Even though she considers
herself and idealist. Also, I know I'm a good writer. I
don't need her encouragement. Especially cause I'm not
planning on a writing career. All I need to know and more
about English, I'm already well familiar with.

Here are some other things in my journal she commented on:

(We were given, for a mysteries creative writing
assignment. We were given 5 words. We were suppose to write 5 sentences per
word, starting with the word she gave us. I found the
assignment kinda pointless so I wanted to be kinda poetic
about it. Here it is:)


Nothing is the point of this conversation.
Nothing is what you are suppose to achieve from it.
Nothing is what you need to understand.
Nothing is what you want.
Nothing is what you live for."

Her response was: "Hardly."

She definately didn't understand my theme. It means that
you can't achieve anything from nothing. Here's the second


Boring is this class.
Boring is this desk.
Boring is sitting at this desk in this class.
Boring are the teachers.
Boring is the school."

(Okay I admit, it's kinda insulting, but I seriously
couldn't come up with anything else. Besides she set me up
for it, and it's my opinion. Her response proves her

She said: "You're boring too."

So please. You be the judge. Were her actions appropriate
to be insulted? Do you think she took appropraite actions
to call me up and tell me that she doesn't want to pass me
because of it, talk to my parents, and contact all my
teachers in my own school? I'd appreciate your feedback if
you have time.



P.S. Teresa, when can I call you?