My Life
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2002-08-09 23:00:28 (UTC)


I once heard someone describe themselves as a magnet for
drama. There couldn't be a more true statement about me.
I am THE Drama Magnet. My parents aren't in favor of my
end-of-summer roadtrip. Now, my mother has been knowing
about it now for about 2 months, but we just told my dad.
All of a sudden my mother doesn't think it's a good idea.

Here I am, sounding like the typical 19-year-old. I told
them that I'm old enough to make the decision for myself.
I've been working full time this summer, and I just want to
get away for a few days. I really, honestly don't think
I'm being unreasonable. There is much more to the story,
but I'll spare the details. So we ended with them saying
they would be disappointed if I went and me saying that I
love them and respect their opinions, but that I feel that
I am in a position where I have every right to make the
decision to go.

In addition, I decided not to go home for the weekend
because that would be WAAY too soon for my dad to be
normal, but I asked that we just leave it alone and move
on, accepting the fact that I am capable of making a
decision. I'm sure that they won't be able to uphold that
part. I'll hear about it again. If not, I won't hear from
them at all and that will continue for a long time.

I feel like I made the right decision. That's all that
matters. They will have to understand that I am becoming
an adult. Legally, I am already one although they still
help me out in some areas. It's just so hard when the
decisions I made that I know are right aren't supported by
my family. And I'm supposed to introduce homosexuality to
them??? I'll save that for another day, a long time from

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