A Trip to NeverLand
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2001-07-10 16:16:35 (UTC)


She didn't care if the rain had stopped, and she didn't
care if her door was sitting wide open. Evie was set on
crying in her little corner, leaving the raincoat for
someone else to deal with...
Even though she lived by herself.
Pouting is really not an accurate word of what exactly Evie
was doing. She was crying quietly. Sobbing would be a
more accurate word. She was sitting in the corner of her
apartment, on the floor, with the door wide open. A yellow
raincoat was crumpled in one corner, and in the opposite
corner was where she sat in her yellow golashes. Crying
her eyes out for no reason apparent to anyone else.
Evie was a succesful young woman, going to collage and
having a job at the same time only so she could have this
apartment. She was keeping her weight down, had an acting
job, and was in the middle of writing a book. Her
boyfriend had just gotten back from Europe and had brought
her absolutely nothing, which may have been part of why she
was crying. But Evie hadn't seemed to mind the absence of
a present, she said she was only glad to have her Fred back
in her arms. They talked every night they didn't go out,
for hours on the phone. When he was in another country or
on a trip, they talked every other day. Fred didn't care
how expensive calls were.

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