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2001-07-10 15:46:27 (UTC)

golf ball tonsils

Okay, my mom really means well. She really does.
She is just very bad with other people's pain. You'd
think she never went through pain herself. I just had
my tonsils out and thank god my dad came to town to
help me through this!

My dad comes to town and asks how I've been
sleeping. I tell him my bed makes my back hurt, so he
decides to buy me a new bed. That's right, not just a
new mattress. He decides my frame must have ruined
my mattress and the whole thing must go. He bought
me a futon frame and mattress in a bigger size and the
best quality he could find.

He held my hand when they stuck the IV in my arm. He
brought me slurpees every time he visited. He bought
my boyfriend a carton of cigerettes because he
mentioned he was out. (Well, I'm not thilled about that
one, but you understand) He came to see me even
with his slipped disk.

My mom was a whole diferent story, but I'll tell that one
another time.