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2002-08-09 20:04:20 (UTC)

Music Makes my Soul CoMpLeTe

Ahhhhhh I love music more than anything. I don't care what
kind, the notes and rythms just come off and dig deep into
my soul, caressing my whole body and I start to vibe. My
spirit is lifted like a weight off my shoulders and I feel
right at home. Like this one song, "Sk8ter Boi" by Avril
Lavigne....OMG I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG!!! I adore
it, worship it...omg, I love it soooooooo much! Cuz I love
sk8ter boiz and it's justa cool song!
Hmph, sounds more like a sappy love story than a
description of what music does to make me happy. Well, it's
the same thing with art, only I don't literally vibe. I
feel at peace when I'm drawing, or admiring someone else's
work, like this is what I was meant to do.
Also same with writing. It expresses the emotions that I
dare not speak aloud, and it soothes me. My friends aren't
reliable confidantes, and so I tend to type away on the
computer rather than talk on the phone.
Don't think I'm a child prodigy or anything. People say
I'm good at drawing, writing, singing (well, some people
say that, others aren't so nice, heh) handling
animals...it's just a part of me. These are the things I
love to do, and what is a possible future for me.
I'm writing a song right now. About my ex. Don't you hate
it when it's absolutely impossible to get over a person?
Well, okay, so I really need to get over him, because I'm
absolutely obsessed. Damn, I think I'mma forever love him
n' miss him. Another sappy line.
Basically the song just talks about how much I miss his
baggy clothes, how he adored his sk8teboard, and stuff like
I'll get over it. Just watch. I'm stronger than that.
Don't know what else to say. I'm anxiously awaiting the
day when I can borrow my cousin's video game and have my
memory card returned from Tomas so I can actually
play...dang, I rhymed three times!!! Yay for Emily!
Nothing else earth shattering. More on my ex later, if
I'm sad enough to talk about it. I'm in a fairly good state
of mind right now, so nothing can bother me very much.


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