Jena's Rants
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2001-07-10 14:49:55 (UTC)

EL CONDOR PASA..............

So here we are another day in good old corporate america.
Can I tell you that DancesWithChimps is such a sweetie, he
got me the coolest Ape Pin, which i am wearing and a beer
glass with Apes on it. Yo, he be the coolest brotha,
straight up I got that kidz back. Word!
Went out with my Hopinononefoot last night. What a sweetie
he is and how happy he makes me. I really could not ask
for anything more. He is just a great well rounded,
caring, sweet, good natured person. There is so much I can
learn from him, especially since I am such a bad person.
uh, i don't think I am cut out for the evil laugh anymore.
Perhaps it is time to revamp my persona. There is a lot
of fun to be had in being a good girl. Right? My head
aches so bad. I think it has something to do with the
thunderstorms that are supposed to roll through here
later. I just feel like such poop! HELP!!!!!!
I hope Hoppy and I get a chance to see Mr. Police Brutality
before he leaves for a monastary in Korea. He leaves on the
July 15th, If Hoppy was not mistaken. I haven't seen
BoyWhoWorksinGhettoStore in forever!!!!!!! He is such a
cutie patootie, he may be a tard but he makes me smile.
Good Stuff. Oh by the way - Scary Movie II - wait till
it's out on video to see it. Just too dumb, a bit funny -
but definitely not worth $8 a pop.

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