Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-08-09 19:05:03 (UTC)


iight tonite me and erin r gonna go to da mall and shop and
shit. and so dat'll be fun. and terri, and friend of da
family is cummin' down today. i hope i dont gotta stay
round here cuz of dat. hmm. i dunno. my leg still hurtz. i
cant run and it kinda hurtz when i walk. im seriously hopin
it'll be good by da 12th cuz i gotta run a mile for
volleyball pracitce. dis sux. and i ruined my leg. i dunno
wut i'z gonna do til like 6 cuz im hella bored right now.
im into andrew again. silly me i never learn. i dunno. i
dont kno if im still into justen. hector is way outta da
picture. and chris from lathrup is like 17. damn im a
stupid lil gurl. newayz i dunno wit him. i think hez gone
too. but damn he keepz callin' me, callin' me. hehe.
remindz me of a song. well newayz im done!