Germany and Beyond
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2001-07-10 14:44:08 (UTC)

Opening Night at IDeFix

Well, our play, "Stücke aus der Beziehungskiste" or "Pieces
out of the Relationship Box" opened last night with rousing
applause and laughter. It all went rather smoothly, with
no major flubs. I got a laugh on almost all my lines, so
that was cool. I also made a new friend. Her name is
Susannah Kirby, and she is ultra cool. She is from North
Carolina. Love her. Too bad I have to leave in less than
two weeks. Bummer.

After the play, I put on my clothes and went to the lobby
to see that everyone had a beer in their hands, and people
were already dancing on the tables. Next thing I new, the
cast, members of the audience and the directors were
dancing and drinking on the stage. All the beer was free,
mind you. I asked Marianna, a friend from the program who
is also a Theater Major, if she ever had a cast party with
alcohol on the same stage she just got done acting on. She
said no, the stage is usually considered a sacred place,
but she really did not care, and apparently no one else did
at that point either. Leave it up to those krazy germans.

So, I left there and walked all the way home, did some
laundry, and passed out so that I would be prepared for the
long day I had today. I had to call Patty to organize
things for tomorrow morning, and I had to get my hair cut,
go to a meeting about getting ready to go back home, and go
to the bank. And I still have the play tonight to do. Not
to mention that I have to get up at 5am tomorrow morning to
pick up Patty from the Frankfurt airport. I don't know how
I am going to get to the airport since no busses go that
early in the morning. More Stress!!! But, I am so excited
that she is coming. I can not wait.

Well, peeps, I need to get going. I have so much to do,
and like always I am not doing it, and I probably won't and
will just complain about it tomorrow, but so is life, isn't

Later dolls!