Mysterious Attitude
2002-08-09 17:47:01 (UTC)

An email i wrote myself :)

Well, when me and Paul got into a big fight, I sumhow wrote
myself an email. Problem is.... I have no idea when I wrote
it nor do I remember writing it. But anyway here it is:

Hey gurlie... i know everything with Paul is going wrong...
but we both know he isn't worth it... if he really did give
a damn about u he wouldn't do what he does... he just used
u like George said. Don't cut us anymore... i understand if
u cry... but don't cut anymore. Just let him go like u did
everyone else. U don't need him... u got Justin remember.
Just think about this quote "don't cry b-cuz it's over,
smile b-cuz it happened." Well I'm going to go, cuz your
about to come back out. So i'll see u soon. Love ya!!


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