Cute Chaos

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2002-08-09 14:59:59 (UTC)

Roasting Marshmallows

I got up at noon today. I felt really bad because I am
supposed to be over helping with the kids and then I get up
about 4 hours after they do. I wish Mike would have woke me
up but he is too much of a gentlemen. When I got up I found
out that they had already went to the Park and were on
there was to go fishing. I stayed behind to shower and get
around. When I got back they were going to go swimming so I
hurried up and went with them. I sat on the shore and read
magazines. It was so peaceful at the lake. Colten caught a
huge large mouth bass, but we did not get the chance to
weight it. With the fish they caught the other day, we
decided we would eat both for diner. It was enough to feed
us all. That was Mike's first time deer frying fish. It was
ok but the breading was a little soggy. Maybe it is because
he did not fry the fish at a high enough temperature. Mike
had to go pick up Amber from the hospital. We played in the
fornt yard. I gave everyone wagon rides. It was cool, I was
skidding the wagon and leaving marks! I went in the house
to get something to drink. When I came back out Colten was
on the roof getting apples from the tree! I almost peed my
pants. That could have been a really big mess. I made
everyone go in the back yard. We played pass back with the
golf chippers. Zach is really good at golf. We walked over
to the putting green at the goldf course and he kicked me
butt. I had to swing a few times to hit the ball and when I
did the thing flew all over! Mike came back and we roasted
marshmallows. I am the master cook! My were all like brown
and stuff. And that was over flames, not coals! MJ kept
burning his. Then after the kids saw my golden brown mushy
marshmallows I was making 'um for the kids. MJ still ate
his burnt because I could not make 'um as fast as him. LOL
I stepped in some marshmallow goop! Nasty, and all over my
shoes! They need to be cleaned so who cares. I slipped away
when the kids went looking for golf balls. I get to go home
tomorrow because I am going to be baby-sitting for the
neighbor. I feel weird at Ambers. Before when she lived
across the street I lived over there, knew where everything
was and was like the kids second mom. Now that she moved, I
have no idea where anything is, I don't get to see the kids
as much, and it is just weird. The whole downstairs is mine
though. The TV with digital cable, DVD player VCR,
computer, and the bar! Sweet deal!