my life sux
2002-08-09 14:49:37 (UTC)

I saw two docs yesterday ,had two seizures,Im sore.

Hello Diary,
I saw my Gyn and VNS doc yesterday.
I'm still as sore as can be.
I had a seizure and came down on my right shoulder again.
I call my gyn Tuesday and findout what's going on with my
body aboutt he blood test she ordered.
I also had a Tegretol level done at Dekalb medical
It seems Dr.Hedaya is really uneasy about me being on so
much Topamax and I'm not sure why?
Dr.Weissman gave me a cream that really does help with the
pain of my Collarbone.
I doubt it ever stop hurting all together though.
I've given up on that.
My life just sux.