Meshed Up
2002-08-09 09:01:37 (UTC)


went kickboxing today. and yeah i had fun...but my entire
body is sore.

i wanna do yoga too but i don't know if i can still
stretch. i am 18 years old already with bones as hard as...
erm...something. so...i don't know if i can still stretch
and split and stand on my head or something.

a thought suddenly came to mind. read something earlier
this week: 'yes i'm doing yoga so i can put my ankles
behind my head when you fuck me.'


i most certainly have nothing interesting to say again
today. just that tomorrow, i'm meeting up with the girl who
said she was 'burdened' by god to be my friend.

i think i have lost my touch when it comes to writing about
what i think. i seriously have nothing to say! my mind
must've gone blank already or something!

sigh. i'm so disappointed in myself. ooh somebody has a new
email address! =b i got one too!
hehe i'm crapping so much now!

arh! today is the 9th of august in the year 2002. oh joy.