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2002-08-09 07:11:09 (UTC)

"Liquid Road"

^what a lovely song. gotta love sunday flood.

so my computer decided it didn't want to turn on for a
while. we took it to da shop and fixed it's problem.
machines are so tempremental, i swear.

in my week or so with no computer i cooked dinner for my
dad every single fucking night. i also came to the
conclusion that i'm a fucking whore. i'm gunna die choking
on a dick. i think i'm ugly as fuck but i don't know...guys
think i'm hot or something. isn't it funny how they say
you're pretty when you're letting them have their way with
you? i have no sense of self respect and it seems like i
blur lust and love together....why aren't chicks ever
interested in me? i came out to sarah 'cause she came out
to me. we're both bi...i think she's really pretty, too bad
she says she'd never get in a relationship with any of her
friends like me 'cause that would make it just plain weird.
other people know i'm bi too. i don't care who knows now. i
don't want my parents to know though. they would think it
was something they caused and they would really not let me
do anything then. fuck them.

i got the funniest prank call today. it really made my day,
but it later got topped when some friends came over. my
friend brent moved to alaska when we were in 8th grade. i
hadn't seen him in a year or so. he's stayin here till the
end of this month with a friend. he went to sarah's for a
visit and he prank called me there. i was laughing really
hard. he had an indian accent and told me that we were to
be wed in my back yard at 3 pm, and i shoulc make fruit
punch b/c everyone likes fruit punch. he told me that his
father bought me rom my father for 2 camels. so i was to be
married to him and be his 12th was funny. him nad
sarah and mollie and the dude he's stayin with, jeremy,
came over and we hung out in my room. it was really cool,
like the good ol days of junior high lunch time. brent drew
pictures of me, mollie, sarah, and Rambear. they're funny.
i taped them to my wall.

my mom came home early today. she's been at the farm for
over a week. i was happy about that. but alas, she came
back and was REALLY pissed when she saw me in my room with
friends. she called me downstairs and told me about how i
wasn't supposed to have people over and no boys in my
room...she knows though that brent is no threat or
anything, he's harmless as a fly. she's known him since we
were in 4th grade. but she always has to complain and bitch
about something. i'm surprised she and my dad didn't ground
me. but when i was cooking dinner, my mom glanced at me and
noticed that one of my bottom teeth is crooked again (b/c i
haven't been wearing my retainer but i told her otherwise).
she was like "one of your teeth is crooked again!" i
said "yeah, my retainers are too big, i need to get them to
re-shape em soon" then i said "that's weird, you're the
only one that's noticed that" (she's the only one out of my
family and friends that has noticed it, and it's been that
way for a month or so) and she said "i'm you're mother, i'm
good for that."
i dunno, that kinda touched's the small things
like that....:)her noticing reminded me of a story she used
to read to me. it was about a princess who's father aranged
to have all the women who wanted to become her mother come
to a ball where the princess would pick one of the women to
become her mum. before the ball she put a litle tiny
bandage on her pinky. out of all the ladies she met she
didnt like them, then this one asked her what happened to
her finger and she kissed it and the princess picked her to
become her mother because she noticed the tiny bandaged and
cared. my mom still pisses me off though. hahaha.
i want to find that book now. lol. my dad told me that my
mom still has my little baby hat he thinks. the warm fuzzy
hat my mom would put on my head when i was a bitty baby. i
was only 5lb 5oz when i was born...what happened? haha.

well caio,