Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-08-09 06:49:17 (UTC)

Last hurrah

Tonight was our rendesvous at Chuck E. Cheese (appropriate
as our last group outing before everyone leaves for
college, right?). Which was actually really cool. We hung
out there for awhile, and went through a small fortune in
tokens. Parker and Eric and Amy and I crawled around in
the tubes suspended above the ground. We hung out, but we
all kind of did our own thing, occasionally congregating
together, which, i guess, is pretty much how it's going to
be from now on. But at Brusters afterwards, we all still
felt so close. We were all crowded together onto the
gazebo, which was probably made for half as many people,
and not only were we physically close, we felt mentally
close too. Then we were all squinching together for group
photos, or doing our patented silly poses, and we just have
so much fun. I'm going to miss this; Carol has already
dibbs'd the friday after Thanksgiving as group get together
day, and I'm curious to see what that'll be like. Parker,
Eric, Laura and I hung out afterwards, and then went to
meet Amy and John at Borders, and then Parker, Eric, Amy
and I went back to Parkers house, and ended up
(accidentaly) all curled up together in his truck bed,
looking up at the stars until we finally went inside. Eric
left after a little while, and the three of us sat there
talking in the dark, Amy and I curled up on the couch, and
Parker in the recliner. It was almost one before we left.
I don't think any of us wanted to be alone.