2001-07-10 10:29:44 (UTC)

its been such a long time , i..

its been such a long time , i was extremly busy and
frustrated also got 2 days off work 2 and 5th july due to
ear inflation that was quite a pain!!!
today i have cold but i had to come to work the otehr girls
here are nagging coz of low wages and long hours,, Leena
keeps saying she is gonna leave ,,,,
Roaya came back from her honeymoon she showed us her
wedding album and she was very gorgous ,,,,
kyle keeps messeging me , this weekened there is a movie
called 28 hours for sandra bollouk i dont think i got the
spelling right!!! i will try to go ,,,
yesterday ther was a fucked up demonstration for BFL ppl,
oh god i hate thois job when 'm i gonna leave it?