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2002-08-09 02:43:39 (UTC)

To make business - things are doing better

Thursday and I am not earning cash till. In school days I
was better. In other course for contest for college I was
doing big. Now when I do the things people said I am
evesdropper. Well I saw many people in public
transportation. I was to give my advertising papers when
I remembered that I was evesdropper. And I did not give
the papers. Tomorrow never comes and people gone. And I
did not give them my advertising.
I have a plan. I will hear the claims and see the facts.
I get results and tell the plan. But people do not hear me.
Things are doing better. Because I show the problem. I can
not make advertising if people say I am evesdropper.
Business and sales need evesdropper people. People that
wait to be called do not make business.
Mel was fine. I just saw her tonight. She passed with a
red teenage shirt in outside street of my home town.
Better day for me and my truly friends. In paradise every
thing essencial for happiness.