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2002-08-09 05:42:06 (UTC)

trip to da hospital

yesterday i whuz chillin' at southwood wit diana. den
andrew and his friendz came down to southwood. and we
played b ball. and i whuz playin' pretty good. and andrew
kept slappin' my ass sayin' good game. rubbin' up against
me. and shit. he looked hella good. so i whuzn't bothered.
den we walked up to his friend victor'z house to get sum
water. and i saw his dog and i went over to pet him and he
bit me on my leg. it wuz a deep and big cut. i tried
puttin' bandaidz on it but it kept bleedin'. i thought it
whuz ok. so we all went over to spring valley and played b
ball. den i whuz sayin' my goodbyez. to andrew. and he'z
like cani get a hug. so i hugged him. and den im like do i
get a kiss. and he wouldnt kiss me. i dunno y. den i went
home. den lata i talked to him on da internet. and asked y
he wouldnt kiss me. and hez like u looked so fine i dont
kno y i didnt. im like uhh ur confusin'. and shit. and i
dunno. but damn he looked good. well datz dat. den my mom
looked at my cut and took me to da hospital. i had to get
stichez. only 2. but it still sux. volleyball try-outz r in
4 dayz im hopin i can run. cuz we have to run a mile. so
yea. i'll still have my stichez in so i dunno. well dat
whuz my interesting and LONG day!

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