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2002-08-09 05:11:08 (UTC)

Mood: Dripp Dried

seen a great fight 2day 2 chicks goin at it...me & big mike

(dont ask y we call him big mike we just do)

were sitting there cheering them on! besides that nothing
has happened today alex hasnt even been online! lately
talking to my new "old" friend

(meaning: we were like best friends then didnt talk 4 a few
years and now were friends again)

has made me realize im lonely i need a man god damn it!
well it seems hopeless for the most point so why do i
freakin bother!

anyways new sub. know whats a great movie DRAGONFLY! ha
scared the shit outa me lol i like the ending!
have you seen it? w
hat do you think about it?
i love it!

well im outie

Mood: Dripp Dried

Earlier mood: friendly (not an often thing)