Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-08-09 04:54:41 (UTC)

Poem - "A Smile in the Dark"

A simple wink, an awkward pause,
No rhyme or reason and no clear cause,
A guessing game and a question mark,
It all began with a smile in the dark.

Chasing a whisper to its home in the sky,
At the back of the mind always wondering why,
Anxiously hanging on every remark,
All because of a smile in the dark.

A place passed by a thousand times,
Haunting the best of my verses and rhymes,
Unknowingly fanning a red-hot spark,
Ignited to life by a smile in the dark.

A road where once my path was blocked,
An open door before I knocked,
A brand-new journey on which to embark,
The map was drawn by a smile in the dark.

Like a snow-covered beach awaiting the sun,
Like a feather chasing a fox on the run,
Like a desert oasis in Central Park,
Like a one-in-a-million smile in the dark.

Mountains might move and tides will change,
The universe may well rearrange,
Trees will fall and dogs will bark,
But it all comes back to a smile in the dark.