Visions Of Life
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2002-08-09 04:22:26 (UTC)

My Mind Journeys

This sporadic bit of writing came from January. That was
when i was losing my mind. Literally. The
visions/meditation/astral projecting phase. Enjoy.

My World

Description- This place that I will soon discuss has 3 main
aspects. Mountains, a forest and a crystal clear lake. This
is/was my meditation place but now I dont just see it, i
interact and change it. The only creatures that live here
are fish, leopards and a house cat.

Note- This jump to interacting and "playing" with my world
happened 12/4/01, completly by accident. I will now discuss
each visit I have made since then and label them as

Journey 1- 12/4/01

(This is the most vivid and memorable jouurney because it
scared me)

The first time I found myself interacting with my world, it
was an accident. I was visualizing my meditation place and
suddenly I saw myself. Well, a vision of myself and then
suddenly I was in that place. I walked over to the lake and
stuck my finger into the water, making ripples. I jumped in
the water and started swimming towards the bottom. The
water was black but i could see clearly. Fish swam all
around me and water plants brushed against my legs. At the
bottom of the lake I found a cave and swam inside. Near the
end of the cave I found a treasure chest. I opened it and
pulled out an orange "energy ball". I grabbed the energy
ball and soured out of the water and into the forest. I
come across a leopard and ride her like a horse. I jump off
and start flying. I toss around the energy ball and am
having a great time. I fly over to a mountain and cling on.
I gaze over my world. My eyes focus on the lake. I see a
figure standing in the water. A vision of a male dressed in
black. I fly over to the lake and try to interact with him.
I start feelin a little wobbly, almost out of control. I
cant see who it is and the longer i look at him, the
stranger i feel. I start to float. Not the vision of myself
but my actual self. I cant see myself floating but i feel
it. My world disappears and i find myself surrounded by
white fog. I have gone to this place once before but only
for a second. My vision of myself is just floating there. I
decide to explore. I think that maybe i am in an astral
world so, to test that i try to find someone. I start
flying and come across a vision of a friend. I do sexual
things to him and its all vivid. Then the vision of him
starts to interact and my real self starts trembling, with
heart racing. Everything goes blurry. i lose control and
plummet downward. Down down down. I center and my real self
snaps up out of bed. My heart was pounding and i was so
scared that i couldn even move for awhile. I had no idea
what had just happened but i couldnt calm down for a day.

Journey 2 12/5/01

(The next few journeys are scetchy and jump around. I think
because I was still scared and felt heavy and weird)

I am back in my world. I decide to walk down this dirt road
through the forest. I come to one of the mountains and
decide to climb it. Half way up i find a cave. I go inside.
It is really dark so i pull out a black candle from my bag
and light it. I see two tunnels. I take the right handed
one. This tunnel starts to fill with water. When the water
is waist deep i swim underwater and wind up in the lake. I
grab a piece of seaweed to tie my hair up with and go to
shore. I make a circle with black candles, sit in the
center and light them. The fire dances around then
surrounds me, circles me. I take in the fire then run to a
tall tree. I climb it and sit on one of the branches. I
magically start lighting random fires. I look up at the
sky. I look at the moon and the twinkling stars. I jump
onto the moon and bite it. I also take in a star.

That was all i ever recorded. i journeyed two more times
but it was almost an obsession and i was scared each time
so i stopped. It was definatly a weird time for me.