Am I insane? Or just surrounded?
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2002-08-09 04:20:12 (UTC)

July 11, 2002

Ok i fucking hate Stacy so much right now. She has no
fucking common sence in the world. I want to shoot her
right now because she's so fucking stupid that she doesn't
deserve to live. Well today she called me yet again and was
like "Hey can I come over?" I mean that is kind of rude
first of all to invite herself over and second she's been
over at my house for what? Like the past three days? When
am I going to get invited to her's? I mean we are
supposedly "best friends" but she never wanted to come over
until she started liking Kenny again which i think is pretty
fucked. So you know what? I'm so sick of people using me
right now because that is all that happens. Oh how lucky
for me that my house is so close to Kenny's. This always
happen's to me. When Michelle liked him she wanted to come
to my house non-stop, but she never had any interest in me
before she knew Kenny. And quite frankly he is not that hot.
So anyways she comes over again and then Frankie calls. I
thought she was mad at me at the time but we went
down to the park to meet her half way between our houses any way.
This was all kind of akward though because they both had to get
picked up at different times becuase Frankie is no longer
aloud to assosiate with Stacy by way of Frankie's parents.
Apparently they all went driving illeagaly while I was on
vacation and Frankie's mom never liked Stacy to begin with
so... but from there Stacy decided that she still wanted
cookie mix so we decided to walk down to Albertson's. Stacy
makes us walk this wiered way that I've never gone by
before and I've lived in the same spot all my life so...
well anyway we walked down for like 15 minutes until i
started getting pissed off and i said, "Ya Stacy, It's a
short cut right?" She has no sence of direction what so
ever. And the whole time she's bitching about, "What if my
parents see me?" we were like "Shut the fuck up Stacy!" So
then finally we end up at some football field near the highschool and
this un-pathed nature trail. So Frankie and I found out where
we were (right next to a street i recognised) and we started
back to Albertson's. So we bought some cookie mix and some
ice cream and we started walking back. When we got home we
all went to the pool and started pushing eachother in and
playing around and all that good stuff. So when we finally
got home it was about seven o'clock. Then we all took
showers and did our hair and such and then went to the
kitchen to bake cookies. After we finished eating it was
about nine o'clock (that's important because I'm such a
shithead that i take Stacy's word for this later on...) So
we asked my Dad if we could walk down to the elementry
school about two blocks down from my house. I was really
surprised that he said yes because my parents never let me
do things like this. I told my Dad that we would be back at
TEN O'CLOCK and he said "ok." So when we get there, there
are these guys who looked a lot older than the three of us.
So we ignored them but they came over to us. We were
planning to climb on the roof but we stoped to talk to them
for a while. They said that they come down here all the
time to drink when they're bored. Then after a few more
came we decided to get on the roof. So we got on the roof
and walked around for a while until we got bored and
figured we'd get off and talk to the guys. I walked over
and jumped straight off onto the table that we set up to
help us on. I landed on my feet and stood back up whithout
blinking. Then I here all these guys go, "WOW!"... but that
was probobly because they were drunk. Then Stacy says, "No!
I'm not going to jump down there! It's too far!" i wanted
to slap her. So then finally she decides to be an idiot and
try to climb down but she slips and get's this huge scratch
across her stomach. Then Frankie starts freaking out and
she's like sitting on the roof for like ten minutes just
thinking about getting down. I didn't expect Frankie to be
the one to pussy out on me but whatever. So then she
finally brings herself to climb down slowly, but she's not
as stupid as Stacy so she doesn't slip. So after that we started
talking to the guys and Stacy seemed to be really attracted to this
one and he asked her what would happen if they hooked up. She
constantly calls herself ugly so she didn't believe he
liked her but Stacy looks the oldest out of all of us and
she's not hurting anyone's eyes when she walks into a room.
So we decide to walk away and Stacy keeps trying to get us
to walk back to hang out with them so we do and that same
guy comes back over and starts to talk to us and sit's down
with us. We said that we were leaving at ten o'clock and he
said, "Oh no, stay and hang out." It was really dark and
they were all smoking and drinking and left beer can's all
over. But we decided to stay for Stacy's sake wich was a
huge mistake. So they go over to the other side and start
making out. She was like on top of him it was kind of sick
and Frankie and I tried to keep our eyes off the two. Then
they come back and sit with us again and this little freak
that was just all over her says, "Oh gosh I'm
sorry... what was your name again?" Frankie and I glared at
the bastard and then we said "Ya I can't remember your name
but I'll remember your number!" in a sarcastic voice. He
looked really embarassed and he should have. He seemed to
know Stacy as "Robert's Little Sister." And Laura's two
brother's are really really REALLY strong and they could
kick his ass in a heartbeat. I don't know what Stacy was
thinking He's a senior and we're just going in to freshman
year. So anyways she says she's going to go around the
corner with "Mike" (this freak's name). And we asked her
what time it was. She told us it was 9:05. We had been
there for at least 45 minutes by that time. But I was too
pre-occupied to notice and she was the only one with a
watch. Too bad that little slut didn't learn how to read
it. So we said be back in 10 minutes. After she had gone
all of "Mike's" other friends ask, "So are you guys like
your friend?" I said, "What's that supposed to mean?" even
though I knew damn well that he was asking if we
were easy. 10 minutes later when Stacy wasn't back we got
worried and got up to go look for her. We walked around the
school about three times calling her name. And of course
she's to big of a shithead to get her mouth off his cock
for 1 second to answer her two "best friends" So finally we
are still looking for her when guess who pulls up but my
Dad, apparently he had gotten worried because we were 20
minutes late. He was sooooo pissed off, and who wouldn't
be? He was yelling at me and then he walked in and found
the seniors smoking and drinking... of course he assumes
that I'm with them. He starts cussing at the top of his
lungs but they are all too wasted to understand anything he
said. And we still couldn't find Stacy. I didn't know what
to say or do so I burst out in tears. After he yelled and
screamed for about 5 minutes who come's walking out but
good ol' Stacy, with a huge smile on her face. I'm positive
that she had heard us yelling. I mean, how couldn't she? Is
she incredobly stupid and deaf? Frankie went off on her and
she said, "What? It's only 10:05" I wanted to slap her but
I was too busy whiping off the eye liner that was running
all down my cheeks. We walked back up with my dad yelling
at us the whole way up and me bawling. Frankie tried to
comfort me by hugging me while we walked up, it helped me
so much to know that someone who loved me was there for me.
so when we got back up to my house we discovered that, wow!
It was 10:30! What a surprise. My dad wouldn't even talk to
me, but I guess that it's best that he didn't, because I
mean, how are you supposed to explain something like that
to your dad? He dropped them both off, and he didn't tell
their parents because he is such a sweet man and he didn't
say anything more to them. He embarrased me so much by
yelling at those guys that the school though, but I don't
blame him for it at all. He was responsible for Stacy and
if she had gotten raped or something he would have gotten
sued. Besides those guys were probobly so wasted they wont
remember anything by tomorrow... i hope. I doubt I'll be
seeing much of Frankie anymore. I don't want to see anymore
of Stacy anyway so that's not really an issue for me. What
pisses me off most is not more then one street up from all
this is Kenny, sitting at home thinking about when he's going
to ask that slut out. I am so sick of her, and sick of all
of this shit so if she wants Kenny fine. But she better not
come to me for anymore favors because I'm not going to
support her going out with such a nice guy when she's going
to dump him for some senior three days later. I don't think
my dad will ground me for this though, because he does not
want my mom to find out that he let us go to the school
at night. We promised eachother we wouldn't. But I
wish he would ground me because I feel so guilty. I just
hope I don't go all soft on Stacy and forgive her like I
always do to everyone. I can't stay mad at people. And if
she and Frankie become friends again then I have no chance of
staying mad. I can't fight her alone. I don't know what
I'll do because she know's I can't stay mad at people. She
was my best friend all this year so she know's all my
weaknesses. I just want out of this situation. I want to
get closer with my dad again too. I love him so much and I
know I can be such a little bitch to him but i desided
those days are over. I'm sick of living the way I do. And
the first way to change my life is to get rid of people
that will just fuck it up again. I just hope i don't give
in like I always do.

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