~The Misplaced Memories of a Dork~
2001-07-10 06:36:02 (UTC)

To be with Josh, or to be with Nate, that is the ?

Kay well im talking to Nate right now and i just jacked
things up i think. Im telling him that i like him and Josh
is a hookup thingy. watch ill copy paste at the end. i just
dont know how to make sense of this whole mess. And how do
I know who i like more?? well im so sick of thinking , i
need to go to sleep or to watch tv or music who knows . i
just follow. here is the convo so i can read later and see
how retarted i really am....Lowlife4Christ: hey whats up
XtheXdorkX: hi
XtheXdorkX: nothing much
Lowlife4Christ: how was ur day
XtheXdorkX: im so soo amazingly bored
XtheXdorkX: it was ok
XtheXdorkX: Josh called
Lowlife4Christ: uh oh
Lowlife4Christ: u guys together?
XtheXdorkX: not really but we are going to go out soon
Lowlife4Christ: eee
Lowlife4Christ: so did u get my mail
XtheXdorkX: what mail?
Lowlife4Christ: nm
XtheXdorkX: o...k
Lowlife4Christ: so were u thinkin a lot today
XtheXdorkX: no but it was weird
XtheXdorkX: yah a lot alot
XtheXdorkX: it was scary
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: im sorry
Lowlife4Christ: hahaha
XtheXdorkX: cause i started to think about everything else
XtheXdorkX: like i almost blew a fuse
Lowlife4Christ: hehe
XtheXdorkX: like Josh called right
Lowlife4Christ: yeah
XtheXdorkX: and then i told him to call Chris to wish him
happy birthday
XtheXdorkX: then i talked to chris on the net after that
XtheXdorkX: and he said that josh called this morning to
tell him that i was going out with him
XtheXdorkX: i was like what?????
Lowlife4Christ: awww
Lowlife4Christ: bummers
XtheXdorkX: it was weird
Lowlife4Christ: so do u like him?
XtheXdorkX: well i think hes cool and want to have some fun
going out and stuff
Lowlife4Christ: right on
Lowlife4Christ: way to be
XtheXdorkX: oh and the reason Tara was looking at me all
Lowlife4Christ: was
XtheXdorkX: was bc Josh had called her the night of the
party and said that he got my number and was interested and
XtheXdorkX: it all seems weird to me right now
XtheXdorkX: am i just spazzing or does something seem
Lowlife4Christ: fishy and spazzy
Lowlife4Christ: hahah
Lowlife4Christ: like u have something to tell me
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: hahah
Lowlife4Christ: do u have something to say?
XtheXdorkX: i dont know
Lowlife4Christ: hehe
Lowlife4Christ: its ok
XtheXdorkX: haha
XtheXdorkX: im just way tired of thinking about anything
right now
XtheXdorkX: now i wish i didnt wish for a bf
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: so u dont wanna talk bout ?
Lowlife4Christ: u wished for one?
XtheXdorkX: yah
Lowlife4Christ: how cute
XtheXdorkX: haha
XtheXdorkX: i was so lonely
Lowlife4Christ: i wasnt wishin but i kinda always had a
crush on u
XtheXdorkX: why??
Lowlife4Christ: eversince u started goin to shows
Lowlife4Christ: u were like me
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: like me and u were fun i thought
Lowlife4Christ: like u would spike ur hair
XtheXdorkX: well i always had a crush on you since i met
you way back in corco
Lowlife4Christ: cause i said too
Lowlife4Christ: hahaha
XtheXdorkX: haah
Lowlife4Christ: are u seroius
XtheXdorkX: yah
XtheXdorkX: but then i started gettin into pat and stuff
XtheXdorkX: then i just left it behind
Lowlife4Christ: i thoguht u were pretty in corcoran
XtheXdorkX: then when i started to talk to you again and
got closer i liked you ina closer way
XtheXdorkX: no way
XtheXdorkX: im not pretty
XtheXdorkX: im dorky
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: well in my eyes
XtheXdorkX: if you say so
XtheXdorkX: :-D
Lowlife4Christ: well the question u asked yesterday
Lowlife4Christ: yes i like u if thats what it was i think
XtheXdorkX: yah but do you like me as a gf or as a sister
XtheXdorkX: like its all weird to tell
Lowlife4Christ: both
Lowlife4Christ: as a gf haha
Lowlife4Christ: sounds funny
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: well how do u like me?
XtheXdorkX: well both
XtheXdorkX: but i was all lost cause Josh was here at the
same time you know
XtheXdorkX: and like i didnt know what to do
XtheXdorkX: and i still dont
Lowlife4Christ: when was he there?
XtheXdorkX: no not like that
Lowlife4Christ: like showed up at the same time i did?
XtheXdorkX: i mean when the whole going out with josh thing
XtheXdorkX: no no
XtheXdorkX: haha
XtheXdorkX: nm im all confusing right now
Lowlife4Christ: haha
Lowlife4Christ: dont let it stress u out though
Lowlife4Christ: haha ur funny man
XtheXdorkX: no im not
XtheXdorkX: im tired
XtheXdorkX: i need something to do all day
XtheXdorkX: so i wont think about everything
Lowlife4Christ: u can write nate a letter
XtheXdorkX: yah
Lowlife4Christ: and listen to some music
Lowlife4Christ: some bag pipes
XtheXdorkX: but im scared ill tell you something and then
ill have to tell josh something else
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: like what
XtheXdorkX: i actually have a cd with that one it
XtheXdorkX: haha
XtheXdorkX: on
XtheXdorkX: i dontknow
Lowlife4Christ: on the real ashley if u like josh go after
Lowlife4Christ: just like i always said with gus
Lowlife4Christ: or whoever u came to me with
XtheXdorkX: but i dont know if i do
Lowlife4Christ: u should
XtheXdorkX: i just wanted to go out with him
XtheXdorkX: but i like you
Lowlife4Christ: oh ok
Lowlife4Christ: i get it
Lowlife4Christ: make more sense now
XtheXdorkX: you do?
XtheXdorkX: and now im more confused
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: haha
Lowlife4Christ: ur sayin u like me and just wanna go out
with someone
XtheXdorkX: i dont know what im saying
Lowlife4Christ: hahah
XtheXdorkX: but that is sorta it but then not
XtheXdorkX: like Josh and I are both just looking to have
some fun you know someone to go out with
XtheXdorkX: and i think hes cool
XtheXdorkX: but i like you more seriously than him
XtheXdorkX: but you live far away
XtheXdorkX: so it makes it difficult
XtheXdorkX: sense??
Lowlife4Christ: aww
Lowlife4Christ: yeah
Lowlife4Christ: but im always in visalia
Lowlife4Christ: like always
XtheXdorkX: you are?
XtheXdorkX: and nobody tells me
XtheXdorkX: oh the show ison the 20th not the 17
XtheXdorkX: been changed
Lowlife4Christ: arg
XtheXdorkX: yah tell me bout it
Lowlife4Christ: seriously
Lowlife4Christ: i probably wont make it now
Lowlife4Christ: hahah
XtheXdorkX: ahh why not
Lowlife4Christ: are u gonna be there
XtheXdorkX: yep
XtheXdorkX: will you go?
Lowlife4Christ: yeah ill go then
XtheXdorkX: good
XtheXdorkX: Gus is already being nosy
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: hah
Lowlife4Christ: thats my boi
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: well are u goin out with him soon
XtheXdorkX: im not sure
XtheXdorkX: hes sposed to call tom
Lowlife4Christ: cool

byebye im done

ps improvisions
Lowlife4Christ: cool
Lowlife4Christ: ?
XtheXdorkX: huh
Lowlife4Christ: nothin
Lowlife4Christ: are we gonna go out ?
Lowlife4Christ: or are we gonna stay in this confused place
XtheXdorkX: do you want to?
XtheXdorkX: no i dont want to do that
XtheXdorkX: it hurts too much
XtheXdorkX: haha
Lowlife4Christ: no u dont wants to what
Lowlife4Christ: want*
XtheXdorkX: dont want to stay in the same place
Lowlife4Christ: u want to date?
XtheXdorkX: yes i do
Lowlife4Christ: but what bout josh?
XtheXdorkX: ill talk to him tom
Lowlife4Christ: well i feel bad though
XtheXdorkX: why
XtheXdorkX: he just wanted some fun
Lowlife4Christ: cause josh sounds interested
XtheXdorkX: he can get it with any girl
XtheXdorkX: HoLiDaY HeRoE: seriously ashley are you? dont
fool me
XtheXdorkX: haha he doesnt believe me
Lowlife4Christ: he is askin me
XtheXdorkX: haha

haha now im done , im such a slut, now i have two bfs what
am i to do???? hehe