Lesbian bullshit
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2001-07-10 06:29:10 (UTC)


I've been in this like on and off friendship
with this one girl who seems to confuse me alot,
but whats weird is shes never ever called me
before but today she wouldn't stop calling me, and
whats weird is normally when she does talk to me
its when she wants something but this time it
wasn't, we talked for over three hours and it was
really fun. I just don't get it though, I've
wished and wished for her and I to be atleast
good friends and I feel that its finally
happening. But I'm so scared because the first
time we became friends, our friendship was tooken
away from me by a girl ho wanted nothing more
but to see me hurt, but now she and I don't
even talk and she has no way of getting ahold of
my friend so I think I'm finally going to get
what I've wanted all along...this girls friendship.
I'm just glad that even though I've been through
these like rough t imes I've had my real friends
by my side (Morgan, Joelle, Michelle, Danielle,
Ellona) and I know theres more but I love them
all!! Anyway, well I had fun today, not to
mention, I went go-cart racing tonight, it was
sooo AWESOME!! Well, I g2g. Buh Bye