2001-07-10 06:25:35 (UTC)

I think im depressed and imt htinking about suicide alot

i have so much going on in my life i have no idea what to
do. i always wanna throw up. im angry and i think about
suicide alot. i might be depressed but i dont wanna talk to
my parents about it. so im telling the whole world. ive
thought about suicide alot and i figure i never would be
able to...but i realize i just tip to far im a goner. m y
life is so scary. i need help and i cant get pu the guts to
tell really anyone. i need someone to talk to about my
problems. im crying right now and my mascaras going to
run...oh well. im afraid to tell anyone and they'll make me
go to a pshychiatrist. i dont wanna go to a shrink. my
friend says i should go to the doctor but im afraid to tell
anyone. thats related to me. im going through really bad
times and i need someone to talk to or im going to
crack...*cries* one time i thoguht about drowning myself in
the bathtub. i feel the only reason i stay is because of my
sister. she needs me and i love her so much. also all of my
friends would miss me. so would my parents. i would miss
them all.