Day to Day Life
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2002-08-09 03:16:21 (UTC)

PaPa rOaCh

hi hi hi everyone. today is Thurs. Aug 8, 2002. and one of
the best days of my life. My neighbor and I went down to
the rainbow bridge and watched Papa Roach tape their video
for "Time and Time Again". Yeah, i was in it. Yeah, it was
kick ass. And yeah, i met and had conversations with all
of them. They are the nicest ppl. Jacoby is sooo nice. I
got all of their autographs and I got my pic taken with
Jacoby. I'm prolly gonna go to Old Sac tomorrow and watch
them tape the rest of it. Then I'll get my pic taken with
the rest of them. I sooo wish that EVERYTHING i saw was
video taped so i could show everyone wut i saw. It was
soooo fuckin awsome! I got hella sunburned, but who the
hell cares? It was sooo worth it! I'm like so flippin out.
I'm taking the pix that i took and i'm putting them on my
site. I'm gonna make a page just for the pix and
everything. It'll be up in a few days, it might take me
awhile, but it's all good. Ok then, i just had to write
about this. Lata!!! Alina