2001-07-10 06:00:28 (UTC)

A new life and im free

well i broke up with someoen i will not mentiona dn just in
time i meet another guy to chat too. his name is riley and
hes a sweetheart. i think he may like me i mean y not? im
likable. he even said so himself. n e ways, i go i feel
loved. and he goes well you should. and i go i mean as a
friend not as a gf and bf type thing. and i go why do you
want me too feel that way and he goes ohh...nothing. n e
ways we can talk about anything in the world. like we were
talking about invisible friends. that was fun. riley is so
open minded and outgoing. he said he could talk to a wall
and not be bored:) lol. im gonna talk to him tomorrow.
another good thing is that he doesnt have a gf. so...maybe