good times, good times
2001-07-10 05:45:45 (UTC)

where did i leave off...

i don't know where i left off yesterday, and i don't feel
like looking. i'll just start with yesterday i guess. we
came home from the lake and went to afternoon church.
everyone was gonna go watch a movie at grant's house
afterwards, so i went too. we watched where for art thou
brother or something like that. it was funny, but stupid. i
sat in front of matt on the floor. he was on the couch. so
duh i leaned against his legs, actually between his legs
eventually. his doing for the most part. in the middle of
the movie i had to go to the bathroom, and grant walked in
on me too. this isn't really a part of the story, but i
think its funny/embarrassing so i thought i would share
that. after the movie we went to the parking lot to light
some fire crackers and brenna got all scared cuz she has a
new car, so she went and moved it. then matt and grant set
off another one. it chased them, set the grass on fire, and
ended up popping right under brennas car. which she had
moved for the purpose of preventing that from happening. i
laughed so hard. it was hilarious. after that we went to
whataburger. that was fun i guess. i just feel weird around
them. they're not my friends. i miss m'randa so much. oh
well new stuff. i just was so excited about moving cuz i
could start over. be whoever i wanted to be, but i feel like
i'm in the same rut making the same mistakes, only with
different people. anyway, back to the story. after i came
home, i got on the computer, and matt started talking to me
as usual. he of course asked ten thousand questions--again
as usual until he got me to say i liked him. then he started
acting like he returned it in some form or fashion. talking
dirty even. then just before he signed off, he tells me that
if were gonna do anyof what we were talking about we'd have
to do it before tomorrow because he was in the middle of
hooking up with brenna and they had a date or something
tomorrow. he really makes me mad. ahhhhhhhh!!!
today was the first day of fvcc vbs. it was fun in a way,
but i didn't talk to anybody really. i didn't want to see
matt, or even think about him. it just pisses me off
after vbs we came home and ran about two or three miles it
felt really good. so now im talking ot matt again on the
computer, and i know i'm fixing to get pissed again. yeah
for me...