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2002-08-09 00:15:04 (UTC)

more camp ((PA))

so i went to 'project adventure' weeek at camp. it was a
lot more fun than the other regular week but with lots of
disadvantages (no odie, skankier girls, annoying ppl that
pretend to be my friend then ditch me) there is this
certain jordan kid that i thought i liked but then i
remembered odie and i know i just love odie. sooooo much.
emily and lynn came to pick lynns lil bro up at the end of
camp (today at around 4:30) lynn and her bro (jimmy) look
exactly alike. and i mean exactly, down to the last
freckle. its quite scary. but anyway i was happy to see
them. anna is probably coming over soon tonight. i like to
be home. i think im gonna become a hermit.

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