Soul Searcher
2002-08-08 23:15:44 (UTC)

I hate sex!!!!!!

Isn't sex supposed to be one of the most intimate
experiences of your life?

Then why do people make it so unintimate?

I am married and my husband only wants to have sex once
every 1 or 2 months. I have asked him point blank how
often does he materbate, and he won't give me a straight
answer! Hell, he doesn't answer at all.

Either I repulse him so he masterbates all the time because
he doesn't want to have sex with me, or he is gay, or maybe
even he is embarrassed because he has no sex drive!!

How will I ever know!

I am so tired of him making me feel so shitty about myself!

He doesn't make me feel like a woman. I feel so disgusting!