~The Misplaced Memories of a Dork~
2001-07-10 05:04:52 (UTC)


Well today is Monday and Josh just called and we will be
going out soon. I just found out from Chris that Josh
called him this morning to say that he was going to go out
with me. That seemed odd! I feel really bad about Nate and
just dissing him like that but maybe ill go out with him a
couple times to see what happens. Who knows i may just fall
for him instead of the tall, dark, and oh so handsome Josh-
haha ya right. Kay well I guess that is all for today
except that I miss Arnee and want him to come back online
so I can tell him all thats been going on. Oh yah and
Patrick is left in the dust once again. Oh well he will
have me at the alter!!!!