My Life
2002-08-08 22:52:16 (UTC)


This money situation just isn't working for me. I'm never
without cash...but somehow, at the end of a summer of
working 40 hours a week, here I am. Broke. It must be the
move. Moving is not cheap. Especially when you leave
roommates behind to live alone.

Looking back, I guess I didn't really have to throw that
little party. I don't regret it, however. I just wish I'd
been more careful about keeping my checkbook balanced. Of
course, that wouldn't have really solved all my financial
problems, but maybe I wouldn't be so frustrated about
them. I just hope things do get better, because it's not
looking good for that.

I have to get ready to go run with Laura. She went out
last night so she couldn't make it this morning. I could
have gone without her, but I'm lazy and need that extra