Highway to Hell
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2001-07-10 04:30:07 (UTC)

the best is yet to come

well today was like perfect for me cause everything went
cool. this morning i went to football and work hard and
felt good. after that i came home and drummed like crazy
but i played really good and i feel like i'm gettin better
day by day. when i was drumming i went swimmin at my aunts
house although i got burned pretty bad it'll be tan by
tomorrow. i umped again tonight and made my 100 just for
the weekend. then like 10 minutes me and lindy talked like
the old times and it was a really cool feeling. she told me
about her weekend and about how she had this very
embarassing moment that happened when she was dancing but
i'm not gonna tell cause well i wasn't supposed to. it was
just a great day and everything went really good.

"Do you need some time.. on your own
Do you need some time.. all alone
Everybody needs some time.. on their own
Don't you know you need some time.. all alone"